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The following article appeared in both the September and October 2003 issues of Tieline, which is an STC leadership newsletter.

According to the prorating schedule for STC annual dues, new members joining in 2003 pay full dues ($125 USD), and their memberships extend to December 31. During the first renewal period, prorated "credit" is extended to all new members based on the month they joined the Society. For example, members who joined in February will receive a 10 percent (or $12.50 USD) credit on their first renewal, members who joined in March will receive a 20 percent ($25 USD) credit, and so on. These credits will be deducted from the 2004 dues invoice.

The credits will appear on new members' renewal invoices, which will be mailed in late November. The table lists monthly credits and renewal rates for new members.

Note: The STC office will apply all credits at the time of renewal. New members should not adjust their initial dues payment of $125 by the amount of credit they anticipate receiving.

Renewal Credits for New
STC Members (in USD)

Month Joined
Credit Toward 2004 Dues

January '03 0.00  
February '03 12.50  
March '03 25.00  
April '03 37.50  
May '03 50.00  
June '03 62.50  
July '03 75.00  
August '03 87.50  
September '03 100.00  
October '03 112.50  
November '03 125.00  
December '03 125.00  

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