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The Quill is the monthly newsletter of the Southwestern Ontario Chapter STC, which is a Canadian chapter in Region 1.

The Quill History

In October 1989, the first edition of the The Goose was launched by editor Rick Martin, who immediately announced a contest for a new name. The winning entry was, of course, The Quill. Within two years, The Quill earned an Achievement Award for small chapter newsletters, followed by back-to-back Merit Awards in 1993 and 1994. 1992 and 2001 saw Awards of Excellence. In 1996, we were awarded not only the Distinguished Award, but the Best of Show for all chapter newsletters.

Submission Deadlines

August 25

September Issue

September 19

October Issue

October 17

November Issue

November 14

December Issue

No Quill

January Issue

January 16

February Issue

February 13

March Issue

March 19

April Issue

April 16

May Issue

May 14

June Issue

No Quill

July or August Issues

Copyright Statement

This newsletter invites writers to submit articles within the submission deadlines stated earlier. By sumitting an article, you implicitly grant a license to the newsletter to run the article and to other STC publications to reprint it without permission. Copyright is held by the writer. When you submit an article, please let the editor know if this article has run elsewhere, and if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications.

When you submit an article, you give the editor and the newsletter staff the right to edit your article for clarity and to ensure that it adheres to the newsletter's style and standards. All articles are edited, copy edited, and proofed prior to publication.

The design and layout of this newsletter are copyright STC, 2003.

Reprint Policy

Articles contained in this newsletter may be reprinted if credit is given to The Quill and the author of the article. You must also submit an electronic copy of the article to The Quill Editor at OR mail two paper copies to the mailing address below.

Mailing Address

Debbie Kerr, The Quill Editor, 373 Imperial Rd. S., Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1K 1L3

The Quill Staff

Editor: Debbie Kerr

Copy Editor: Margie Yundt

Layout Designer: Opal Gamble

Chapter Officers

President: Heidi Marr

Past President: Ted Edwins

Treasurer: Carol Lawless

Recorder: Darlene Wood

For a complete list of contacts, go to the site of the Southwestern Ontario Chapter STC at

STC Head Office

You can find out more about the STC using any of the following methods.


Address: 901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 904, Arlington, Virginia 222203-1822

Voice: (703) 522-4114

Fax: (703) 522-2075


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