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While being graphic can have negative connotations, in this case, being graphic, or at least a graphic artist, is just what we need. The Quill's newsletter committee is having a competition to find a new banner for the HTML version of our newsletter. And, because we are eager to use it as soon as possible, we would like your submissions by October 23rd.

Don't let the "technical" in technical communication keep you from using your creative side. Think of how great it would be to add being the winner of this competition to your résumé and the banner you created to your portfolio. Show us your skill and get the recognition you deserve.

Content of the Banner

The banner must include the words, "The Quill" and "The Newsletter for the Southwestern Ontario Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication". Information like the date, volume and number will have to be changed each month, so they should not be included. You have the option of including the Southwestern Ontario Chapter's logo, but it is not required. There are no colour restrictions because we can adjust the current colours in The Quill to suit the banner.

File Requirements

The banner that you submit must be:

  • in a jpg, gif, or png format
  • 700 pixels wide, but the height is at your discretion
  • small enough to load quickly, keeping in mind that some people still have dial-up connections

If you are including the STC logo, ensure that it adheres to the STC guidelines for logo use.

Where to Submit Entries

Submit entries to by October 23, 2003. Dial-up access will be used to download the submission (and verify the load time).

Selecting a Winner

All entries will be judged by a panel of your peers (fellow communicators--yet another volunteer opportunity). Although we did receive some entries, we would like to receive more before we make a decision. For this reason, we have extended the submission deadline.


Email any questions to

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