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Conscious-Constructive Thinking

A Free Workshop Presented by Hardy Premsukh and the STC CIC-SIG

Hardy will share with you the power of your thoughts (thinking). He will present a systematic way of altering your automatic thinking to become more conscious of your thoughts. As a result, he will demonstrate how your thoughts affect your emotions and subsequently transform your choices and how your choices modify your habits and ultimately how your habits concern the quality of your life. Bottom line, Hardy will show you how to cultivate a Constructive Positive Attitude (CPA) that you can utilize in all areas of your life.

Hardy Premsukh is a visionary entrepreneur and professional presenter whose success is related to the energy and charismatic approach he places on any life situation. His natural motivational talent has been the portal for others to approach any professional and life predicament with a confident, successful attitude.

Currently, Hardy is in the process of authoring his first book, Reaching Your Pinnacle: A Comprehensive Program to Help You Achieve Genuine Success. His book is based on proven psychological principles in the area of motivation, self-esteem, psychological well being, emotional intelligence, conscious-constructive thinking, and achievement.

After years of research and development, he recently initiated the Institute for Maximum Success (IMS).

This free workshop will be held on October 22nd, 2003. Watch the STC Web page for the time and location.

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