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by Carol Lawless, Chapter Treasurer

Autumn and October traditionally signal endings. But for many organizations, fall is a time for new beginnings -- a rebirth after a summer of rest. Looking back at our chapter's past Octobers affirms that we've always looked to start the "new year" off with a bang.

Over the years, some of our fall announcements have included:

  • The start of the FrameMakers Users Network (FUN) in 1997
  • The start of the Online SIG in 2001
  • The SigDoc at Kitchener's Valhalla Inn in October 1993
  • Our first workshop in October 1991. This workshop was held in conjunction with the University of Waterloo's Centre for Professional Writing Conference, which was about Quality Documentation. Guest speakers included Ginny Redish, Don Freeman and Karen Shriver. This workshop marked the beginning of our tradition of offering workshops each year.
  • Our biggest October achievement in 1989. The Goose took flight! Our fledgling newsletter was launched by editor Rick Martin, who immediately announced a contest for a new name. The winning entry was, of course, The Quill. Within two years, The Quill earned an Achievement Award for small chapter newsletters, followed by back-to-back Merit Awards in 1993 and 1994. 1992 and 2001 saw Awards of Excellence. In 1996, we were awarded not only the Distinguished Award, but the Best of Show for all chapter newsletters.

Each time you try something new you make history. What fall memories do you have of the STC? Often, you cannot appreciate how far you have come until you see where you have been. Why not take this opportunity to share some of your stories that show the changes in the communication profession over the years? Submit your ideas and stories to

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