Click for a printer-friendly version of this article Recap of September General Meeting

by Christy Simard, Student Awards Manager

September 9th, 2003 marked our first general meeting of the new season and a celebration of our chapter. Founding members, past influences, and present friends turned out for the party. Inspired by the STC's 50th anniversary, we reveled in our history, celebrated chapter successes, and looked to the future.

After a little noisy mingling, three past presidents shared their stories...

Jack shares is STC storiesJack McFadden was the first spark plug in the engine, so to speak. He described how in 1989, a group of talented individuals got the chapter off the ground. He also described publishing the chapter's first newsletter named The Goose. For the next issue, they plucked a feather from the tail and published The Quill.

Deb Maskens shed light on council's inner workings as she described the middle years. Remember education programs with Jared Spool and JoAnn Hakos? Well, as Deb put it, "they didn't always look at the rule book first" to bring world-class speakers to town.

Past President Ted Edwins reminded us of recent success. In 2002, we won the Chapter Pacesetter Award, largely for our support of the new Digital Arts Communications program at UW. He also pointed to the standards of excellence we uphold: our regional competition winners do extremely well in the international arena; and the society has recognized our judging practices.

To move us closer to cake-cutting time, current President Heidi Marr introduced this year's council and gave a quick recap of a recent strategic planning session. The results of that session, Heidi explained, helped council to zero in on the priorities: our society members, our community, programming, and communications.

With that, we went back to noisy mingling and ate cake. We also enjoyed a variety of displays that portrayed our roots and captured many artifacts from the last 14 years. These displays were the innovative creations of official Treasurer and unofficial chapter archivist, Carol Lawless.

There won't be any cake at the October general meeting. However, it will be a great chance to get feedback on your resume and dish out some yourself. Come and see what other writers are doing to look great on paper!

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